Art History with an Inquisitive Eye

Sample Homework

#2--Jan.  15th
1. read Bersson, p. 416-18 and 428-431
The Northern Renaissance

2.  write a comparison of a Northern European art work (between the dates of 1400-1525) in contrast to an Italian Renaissance work of the same time .  The No. European selection must be one other than from our powerpoint.  Bullets are fine (paragraph/essay preferred) including:
---dates and info on No. European artist
---possible cultural, political or artistic influences on the artist
---comparison of the Northern vs Italian works using at least 4 elements of design specifically
--comments on "classical" vs "symbolic" in the artwork, two labels that broadly can be used to compare Italian Renaissance work vs No. European.  Why are these terms used and how, specifically, can elements be seen in the works that you have chosen to compare?

#3---Jan. 29th

1.  You are a post-Renaissance scholar of the late-1500s.  Compose either:

1--a madrigal (text only is fine!), with at least 2 verses, following the meter and form of Morley's Oh Mistress Mine
2-a Mannerist painting or drawing, incorporating the principles of Pontormo

For either of these assignments, feel free to weave a contemporary theme into your work!

#4--Feb. 5th

1. read Bersson text on the Counter Reformation and early Baroque of the late 1500 and 1600s, p. 431-43.

2. answer these questions:
---what was the low point for papal Rome, when and why?
---What did the church do to develop propaganda for the church?
---what is St. Peters and who were involved in its expansion during the 1500s?
---what is a baldacchino, and who created a magnificent one for St. Peter's?
---why was Spain so influential during the Counter-Reformation?
---in 1521, what Catholic stronghold did Spain create over the destroyed capital city of Tenochtitlan?
---how does Counter-Reformation style of the mid-1500s differ from the Southern Baroque style of the 1600s?


Nov. Lang Lang and National Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal at the Kennedy Center...Beethoven's #2 Concerto.  Depart Alison's house at 8:45 am.  Return by 1:30pm.

Dec. National Museum for Women in the Arts.  Rock---Women  in Music and Fashion

February  trip to the Hirshhorn Gallery---artists: Wei Wei and Barbara Kruger

spring the Impressionists in Washington

Inquisitive Eye--Extended---Class Assignments

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Ginevra and Friends

National Gallery Greatest Hits

Ai Weiwei at the Hirshhorn, Feb. 2013 

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