Advanced Art History Class


We now are ready thoroughly to explore and dissect material discussed in our  "Art with an Inquisitive Eye" class.  This advanced course combines history and art with English, and our emphasis turns from formalist description to contextual analysis.   We have the AP Art History test as our goal, and the wonderful museums in the DC area as our learning lab.

Main text: Gardner's Art Through the Ages, 13th edition


your text, your cards, a creative mind....

What do I need to know?

  • 300-500  examples of art, including works from "beyond the European tradition"
  • essential elements of all historical time periods including philosophical and political movements
  • how to write a successful art history critique
How can I do this?
  • Compile 15-30 art cards weekly, including image, artist, title, time period, medium, pertinent facts such as patronage or subject matter
  • Read your text religiously.  Break down weekly assignments to daily 10-15 page chunks. Create a solid outline as you go, underlining important concepts and vocabulary.
  • Write! Hone your expressive skills.  Don't give up! 
  • Study with others. Let's build our expertise together!

Notes for Time Periods:

Weekly Questions
thank you for typing & bringing in a hard copy!

essay= thoughtfully written 1-2 page paper
SA= short answer.  bullet points or phrases fine

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